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Connection line

A Premium Collection for long distance love and the traveler's soul



love line



love line


The Creators

Tafari & Breanna

Jamaica - United States

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Welcome to our site, thanks for checking us out!!!

We hope you love our designs and concepts as much as we do.


As an LDR couple ourselves, we first became friends in 2015 on a beach in Jamaica, It took a short three months before we reunited and decided to take a chance on making this long distance thing work. Six years later, with tons of laughs, memories and firsts, we couldn't be happier with our choice.


As we embraced the challenges of a  long distance relationship, we ended up actually enjoying the journey. During years of flying back & forth and traveling to new countries, we had the privilege of meeting tons of other beautiful couples just like ourselves!

That, along with our struggle to find appealing LDR themed apparel, inspired our line. A project we both get to share and design together.

Each of our designs represent a part of our journey and who we are as a couple. Our vision is to create designs our customers can actually wear on a daily basis. Something comfortable, bold and sleek with subtle highlights of our message. Connecting people to their loved ones. 

We call it a Connection Line

We know how hard it is to feel connected to the home you have found so far away, so we hope our brand can help you feel a little closer! As we grow and branch out we just thank you so much for your support! 

Wishing you love and adventure,

Taff & Bre

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